Street Art of Portugal

The architecture of Portugal is unique in my travels, the word mosaic comes to mind. However, the abundance and general vigor of street art, paintings, graffiti was awe inspiring. Some sanctioned, others impromptu or controversial, it shows a general love of the city and the ability to experience art and life in your daily activities.

Iron work of Porto

Moving north from Lisbon, Porto’s hilly streets have a slightly different feel, but what struck me was the iron work. Normally for doors, already impressive in Lisbon, the ornamental ironwork really struck my eye from the moment I got out of the train station. Upon closer look it seems to be a real point of […]

Doors of Lisbon

A trip to Europe can be an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. Doubly so after being shut-in for the past year and a half. We were so happy to have chose Portugal. Starting first in Lisboa. This amazing city has so much that inspired me, but it was the architecture and especially […]